Monday, April 15, 2013

Blooming Flowers (in motion)

The form I will be using for the animation: Icosahedron

More Inspiration Photos

The theme for my stop motion animation is Bloom. I aim to depict flowers blooming and evolving through all stages, growing and blossoming.
I found inspiration in pen&ink and watercolor flowers.

Execution: I plan to start the animation by loosely brushing a light wash onto white paper, follow up by adding shadows and pen drawing on top. The initial illustration will spread to the icosahedrons I have created. After growing onto the forms, the icosahedrons themselves will turn inward to conceal the growing flowers, but they will proceed to blossom back over the forms. By the end of the animation every icosahedron will be covered.
I have also created a soundtrack in garage band to compliment my animation.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Repurposed material study 1: plastic bags

Maxine Whiteley
Midterm Artist’s Statement
March 25th, 2013
Design II, FN102.03
Heather Ujiie

            Working as a design team for my modular relief  project could not have been more successful.  I have never worked with another person to create art but my first time was so successful that I would defenetly try again.  I believe that what made working with Claudia so productive was the combination of our skill sets. I have a fine arts background and she is a talented dressmaker which allowed us to have the best of both worlds. Our concept changed as we started to construct the dress because our ultimate goal was to create a art-to-wear garment in which the relief sculpture appeared as a fabric. We faced a lot of challenges that required us to change our “wedding dress” design but now, as a finished product, I believe it is more successful than what we had originally planned.

            I was excited to learn about serial planes because they introduced e to a whole new way to create form. I’ve always preferred curvilinear shapes as opposed  to geometric but when creating serial planes I preferred the geometric example. I struggled with the vertical composition and could not get the foam core to cut with a clean edge so I used bristol for mine. My curvilinear foam core sample structure was difficult for me because the foam core was so limiting. I struggled to find a concept and I wish that I could have made the piece for successful and unified. I am interested with the idea of scoring foam core but in the future I think I should place more attention to making a multitude of cuts rather than properly measuring the cuts.

            I struggled greatly with the architectonic sculpture. I had a strong concept but construction wise I couldn’t quite create what I had originally planned. I was working of the original theme of architecture. I loved the appearance of spiral architecture, and wanted to would to build a building of spirals that worked as serial planes did. Again, I struggled with the construction.  I eventually lead my project in the direction of deconstructed architecture. I am so pleased with my sculpture so far and do not want to ruin it rushing the transparent element. I want to hear ideas from the class before I continue. I’m currently playing with the thought of  putting the whole sculpture in a bubble. A transparent dome over the whole project may add a more volumetric feel. I’ve also wanted to explore floating the sculpture in an organic transparent form filled with water.